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“Map Wipe Notice”:   This game server wipes every 3 months on these dates:   Jan-1,   April-1,   July-1,   Oct-1.
*The only exceptions to these wipes are forced wipes made by the developers for Major game updates. However, The dates above will always occur on schedule.

“Common Sense Server Rules”

Rules Date: 07-01-2019

Note:   These rules are subject to change depending on how the game Developers “FunCom” add or remove features to the game and by how issues arise on the game server. So check them often by “Date” for any updated changes.

You can also click “Here” to see our “Changelog” page to facilitate viewing recent changes and updates to our Server Rules.


However, in running this server for over a year now, these rules were developed due to random unpleasant issues that have come up from time to time and also to keep the server running smooth, clear of map clutter and to be fair and neighborly to ALL the players.

To prevent issues or property / build loss or being banned from this server, PLEASE follow ALL of the server rules. If a rule is unclear PLEASE ask an Admin in chat or Discord to clarify any of the server rules. If you feel that you will have a hard time following these rules or do not agree with any of them, PLEASE save your time and effort and find another server that suits your needs.

If you do lose your build or are banned from our server, Please do not get upset at us.  “YOU” did not bother to take the time to read and follow these simple rules that everyone else has read, understands and follows. You agreed to them as you entered our server and clicked “OK” on our MOTD window.


Courtesy And Game Play

This is a “PVE” (Player VS Environment) server NOT a “PVP” (Player VS Player) server. Only build homes or bases where you or your clan will live, occupy and use. This is NOT an experimental build server for building random builds you will not use or occupy. If you want to build huge experimental builds, play the single player version of the game.

Note:   Any builds found without beds or bedrolls bound to any active players will be considered “Not Lived In” or “Abandoned” and removed.

1. Racism of any kind will not be tolerated. (Everyone is welcome on our server). Do not use any offensive name for your character. Treat all players with Respect.

2. Do Not disrupt game play by Hacking, Arguing, Complaining, Trolling, Spamming, Advertising, Promoting or in general “Annoying other players”. Do Not discuss Religion or Politics. This only leads to conflict. Bad, Rude, Toxic or Malicious attitudes will not be tolerated!

3. When looting Game Generated Chests or Boxes, Please remove ALL items so new ones can respawn. Give away or throw away any items you don’t want or need.


The “Purge” ~ Building Damage & Maintenance

4. This server has has “The Purge” activated. If your build was damaged due to a purge and it has parts missing like Walls, Doors, Roof Sections or Foundations you have 7 (Seven) full days from the time it is noticed by any of our server Administrators to make any repairs needed to get your build whole again. If your build has not been repaired past this 7 day period it will be considered abandoned and removed.



Note:   Please see attached map at the bottom of this page “-={U.S.P}=- Whole Server Map Reference” for areas where building is not allowed “In Red” and also where the “Block Distance Reference” location is on game map in “Green”.

5. Keep your build size in mind. Small, Medium or Large builds or Clan Bases are fine. However, Do Not overbuild! Don’t Be A ” Land Hog” This only prevents other players from building in certain areas of the map. Overbuilds, Huge or Experimental builds will be removed. If you need to ask about build size limitations, Then you’re probably thinking of building too big. When building think of a nice home or base, like in a town or village style, Not a Kingdom or Empire. Again, this is because we are NOT a PVP server!

6. Huge “Land Hog builds” are Not Allowed and will be removed. This is NOT an experimental build server. If you want to build huge experimental builds, play the single player version of the game. Build only structures that you will use and live in. All builds must have an active bed or bedroll bound to a player. Any builds found without an active bound bedroll or bed will be removed.

7. Please Do Not build “On” or “In” ANY Map Generated Building Structures. Any part of our build must not come in contact with any Buildings, Broken Building Parts, Walls, Ruins, Green Wall Generators, Alters, Bridges, Fallen Broken Bridge Parts, or Thrall Camp Structures of any kind.

8. Building in trees is prohibited because these structures will always exceed the “15” (Fifteen) floor height limit due to the support the build will require for stability. “See next rule # 9“.

9. “Tower Style” builds and any other style builds must not exceed “15” (Fifteen) floors from the ground it stands on. This includes any foundations that the build sits on.

10. Vertical elevators are the only things that are excluded from the “15” (Fifteen) floors rule providing that they are not enclosed, are public and are near your base or build. Side by side vertical elevators are fine (One Up & One Down). However, do not tether 2 vertical elevators to extend the vertical height.

11. Do Not build directly above any caves or cave entrances. The build land claim zone not only effects the radius around it but it also effects what is above in the sky and below through the ground. This will prevent resources and creatures from spawning in that cave properly.

12. Please Do Not build or place items where they will prevent Resources, Thrall Camps or Creatures from spawning. This includes “Egg Nests” in the south around the main Noob lake and other nest areas around the map. New players depend on these eggs for food and resources.

13. When building, at least take the time to finish your build. Even if it is small you can always expand or add to it a later time. Ensure your build has all walls, a complete roof system and doors. Any half built structures or buildings that are not finished will be considered abandoned and removed.

14. Any finished or unfinished builds that are found with no bed/bedroll or with bed/bedroll that are not bound to any active player will be considered “Not Lived In” or abandoned and removed.

15. Please Do Not randomly place items like Pets, Thralls, Temples, Alters, Work Benches, Wheels, Pet Pens, Wells, Trebuchet, Furnaces, Tanneries, Map Rooms, Boxes, Vaults, Decorations, Torches, Campfires, Beds or Bedrolls around the map or near resources or spawn areas. These items should be placed in or closely around your home or base radius. If random items like this are found too far from your build they will be removed.

16. Please Do Not enclose large areas of the map with walls. This prevents others from resources and land. It also causes players to have to go totally out of their way to access certain areas of the map. If you are planning on enclosing your build with walls or fences to prevent purge damage to your main build, Do Not exceed a 20 x 20 area enclosure. Also ensure that you are not blocking any paths.

17. Please Do Not block travel paths, valley ways, walk ways, waterways, waterfalls, lakes or rivers. Build beside them not on top of them. If you build over or enclose a path or valley, even if you leave a doorway or opening for access this still creates an obstacle players need to deal with when they need quick access past it. This includes rock formations that allow path ways from one area to another.

See examples below:

(Click On Images To Enlarge)


18. Do Not block or build on areas that contain game lore, game secrets or are points of interest or areas that are “Named” locations.

19. Building entirely in a body of water is not allowed and the entire build will be removed when found. Build beside the shore line not on top of the water. When building along the shore of a large Lake or Pond do not build more than 4 (Four) blocks into the water from the shore water line. This also applies to any large items like Alters, Pet Pens and such. Keep them off the water!

See examples below:

(Click On Images To Enlarge)

20. When building along the shore of a River or Canal stay off the water. A minimal overlap of 1 (One) block in water is fine. However, if more than that is found in the water, the entire build will be removed! This also applies to any large items like Alters, Pet Pens and such. Keep them off the water!

See example below:

(Click On Images To Enlarge)

21. When placing fish or shellfish traps do not use more than 10 (Ten) “Total” per area of land claim, Per Clan or Individual not in a Clan. If more than 10 traps total are found, ALL will be removed. Also do not build a stand alone foundation below them which is considered building on water which is not allowed.

22. If placing floor torches or any lighting outside your build be frugal. Place them to light your immediate area. Do Not torch spam the map all over the place! Too many will cause player and server lag and will be removed.

23. “SkyWays”, “SkyRoads” or “PassageWays” built with foundations, stairs, walls, floor tiles or multiple “Horizontal” attached elevators for creating long “Horizontal” pathways for travel are NOT allowed. Also, Do Not try to repair map generated broken bridges for that purpose. If you are building a connecting elevated “PassageWay” of any kind from building to building Do Not exceed “10” (Ten) building blocks to prevent a large land claim foot print.

Note:   Any part of a Build, Deck, Building or “PassageWay” built across any body of water or above water is considered a bridge. “See next rule # 24“. If you want to connect two sections of a build that are at the shore of a river across from each other and across water, Use a “Horizontal” elevator instead and only use 1 (One). Multiple “Horizontal” attached elevators are considered “SkyWays” and are not allowed.

24. If building a bridge across water for travel “So you don’t have to swim”, build them “low profile” just above the water. No higher than 1/2 (One Half) block high from the water surface and no wider than 2 (Two) blocks. Any bridges built must be accessible to all players for use. A minimal amount of Torches or small Braziers for lighting the bridge is fine. However, do not place any furniture of any kind on them. High Bridges, Unfinished Bridges or Locked Bridges will be removed.

25. Please Do Not place foundation blocks, items or unnecessary buildings you will not use with the intent to block land or to create a bigger foot print around your property. Items like this will be removed.

26. Please Do Not place any kind of Elevators, Stairs, Platforms or Ramps to access Thrall Camps, Caves, Boss Caves or on Map Generated Structures.


Thrall Wheel-Of-Pain

27. Wheel-Of-Pain’s MUST be close within your home or bases radius! Please DO NOT place them just anywhere or stand-alone near Thrall camp areas. Any Wheels found stand-alone or enclosed in builds for the purpose of hacking this rule will be removed. Even temporary wheels if found will be removed. *See rule # 29 if building your home or base near Thrall camp areas.

28. To prevent Wheel-Of Pain clutter and a large area foot print, Any wheels placed are limited to:

1 (One) – Greater Wheel-Of-Pain “Only” Per Area, Per Clan or Individual not in a Clan.

=== Or ===

2 (Two) – Medium Wheel-Of-Pains “Only” Per Area, Per Clan or Individual not in a Clan.

=== Or ===

1 (One) Medium and 1 (One) Small Lesser Wheel-Of-Pains “Only” Per Area, Per Clan or Individual not in a Clan.

=== Or ===

3 (Three) – Small Lesser Wheel-Of-Pains “Only” Per Area, Per Clan or Individual not in a Clan.

Note:   If any other combinations are found ALL will be removed.


29. If building your home or base in the vicinity of a Thrall Camp or Thrall Area (So you are closer), Your build MUST follow these specifications:

A.   A bedroll or bed MUST be in the build and bound to You or an Active Clan Member or Player. If the bedroll or bed is just placed there and not bound to anyone, It will be considered “Not Lived In” or “Abandoned” and removed.

B.   Have some amenities in the build to prove that it is lived in. Examples: Tables, Chairs, Bed, Rugs, Lighting, Cooking Station, Decorations etc… Not just an empty shack with a bedroll.

C.   Any portion of your build MUST be at least “This” far away from the “Building Is Not Allowed Here” radius notice from that camp area:

10 (Ten) Blocks Away – Small Thrall Camp Area – 1 to 2 Thralls.

20 (Twenty) Blocks Away – Medium Thrall Camp Area – 3 to 4 Thralls.

50 (Fifty) Blocks Away – Large Thrall Camp Area – 5 or more Thralls.

Note:   For those of you that can not estimate building block distances, A “Block Distance Reference” area has been built so you can go there to see or walk these example distances to gauge the measurements. Look on map provided at bottom of this page for the location of the reference area in “Green” Also, to view areas where building is not allowed “In Red”.


Pet Pens, Trebuchet, Map Rooms, Large Water Wells

30. Again, to prevent clutter and a large area foot print, Pet Pens, Trebuchet, Map Rooms, and the Large Water Wells are limited to:

1 (One) –  “Only” Per Area, Per Clan or Individual not in a Clan.



So to keep our server fun and friendly, be neighborly and helpful to other players and follow these simple “Common Sense Server Rules”. Again, If you feel that you will have a hard time following these rules or do not agree with any of them, PLEASE save your time and effort and find another server that better suits your needs.

These rules will be enforced for everyone playing on this server. Owner, Admins and all Players. No deviations or exceptions will be allowed.

Most Importantly, We are here to Have Fun! Be Respectful to ALL players and enjoy our -={U.S.P}=- Conan Exiles “Awesome” Server!

Thank You!

-={U.S.P}=- Doctros…

-={U.S.P}=- Whole Server Map Reference

(Click On Images To Enlarge)

-={U.S.P}=-  Area Details By Number And Name

(Click On Images To Enlarge)

Zone-1:  Supermeru City Of The Relic Hunters  ( Conan’s Hideout )

Zone-2: Shattered Springs  ( The Salt Flats )

Zone-3:  The Crevice North/West  “Inside Cave And Three Entrances”    Zone-4:  Ruins Of Velstad    Zone-5:  Godsclaw Passage

Zone-6:  Chaosmouth  ( The Payness )

Zone-7:  Thelith’s Island  ( The Bean )

Zone-8:  Black Galleon ( The Ship )

Zone-9:  Admin Island  ( Doc’s Meth Lab )

Zone-10:  Decent Of The Dragon & The Crevice South/East

Zone-11:  Derketo Trainer  ( Dancing Dudes Plateau )

Zone-12:  Swagger Rock  ( And Pond Area )


I Truly Hope This Helps Everyone!

Thanks Again,

-={U.S.P}=- Doctros…