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The group  -={U.S.P}=-  short for “United Skilled Players” was created and founded by Doctros on February 19, 2011. The group was started to create a gaming atmosphere where gamers and friends could gather and play online games and have great time in a no nonsense fun and friendly positive environment.

Originally, it started with one server that hosted a FPS game called Counter Strike: Condition Zero complimented with a Rune Modification also known as RuneMod. As time has passed, the group also hosted many other multiplayer games such as Insurgency, The Serious Sam game series, The Left 4 Dead game series, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, DOD Source, Homefront, Rust,  7 Days To Die, Contagion, Ravaged, Killing Floor 2 and now Conan Exiles.

United Skilled Players believes that playing on-line games should be entertaining, positive and fun. We do not tolerate racism, rudeness, trolls or disrespect from any players or administrators in our servers. Anyone causing these negative issues will be promptly removed from all  -={U.S.P}=- game servers. Check out the “Our Conduct Rules” page for more information.

Full Tagged up members that have been recruited to join our group are players that have played on our servers for a while and have been asked to join the group because of their good character and demeanor. Only positive friendly people are admitted to our group. Tagged Up full Members live by the “URL” motto, Unity-Respect-Loyalty. United Skilled Players is committed in providing great gaming servers for all to enjoy Free from Hackers, Cheaters, Trolls, Admin or Ownership abuse and Toxic players.

-={U.S.P}=- rents a full dedicated server from “NuclearFallout Servers” also known as NFO Servers located in Downtown Chicago Illinois. Each specific game server is defined by it’s IP address. Check this website under the “Game Servers” tab for information on the current game servers we are running along with their IP addresses for direct connect.

Some of the types of games we now host are: Multiplayer, CoOp, PVE, PVP, FPS, Shooter, Team vs. Team, Survival, Crafting, Building, Open World, Sand Box.

We are Players that stand United and play with our true individual gaming Skills!