-={U.S.P}=- Full Membership Vs. “In-Game” clans, guilds, allies, teams or tribes

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All About Being A Full Member Of Our Group

-={United Skilled Players}=-


“In-Game” clans, guilds, allies, teams or tribes


United Skilled Players was started on February 19th 2011. The Idea of our group was to represent a gaming group of respectful and courteous players that have become good friends while gaming primarily on the STEAM platform.

As a solo player in the early days of STEAM I visited many different game servers and played in them. One of the things I noticed was that on most of these servers the owners or admins that were mean and abusive to the rest of the players that entered their servers.

If you were lucky or kissed enough @ss sometimes the owner or admin would invite you to join their clan so you too could be mean and abusive to other players that were not a part of their clique or server clan.

To me that is an abuse of power by people that should not be hosting servers or dealing with others due to their lack of character, morals and bad “I’m better than you” attitudes.

This is what inspired my nephew and I to create a group that also hosted game servers where friendship, fairness, civility and respect were the main building blocks.


-={U.S.P}=- was born!


This is also why we are a “Group” and not a clan, guild, ally, team or tribe.

The terms clan, guild, ally or tribe are reserved more for games that have a clans, guilds, allies, teams or tribe group options “in the game” (in-game).

In other words, If you become a -={U.S.P}=- Full Member it just means that: “You are a part of something greater and above any in-game clans, guilds, allies, teams or tribes”. You are now part of our gaming group in STEAM that represents and promotes friendship, civility and respect in any server you enter to play in.

Therefore you can be a -={U.S.P}=- Full Member of our group and still join or be a part of any other particular games in-game clans, guilds, allies, teams or tribes.

So when you become a -={U.S.P}=- Full Member it is a requirement to add our -={U.S.P}=- tag in front of your STEAM profile name to show everyone that you belong to our group and to show that you also believe in our gaming philosophy of friendship, civility, respect and fairness to all!

If you would just like to join any games in-game -={U.S.P}=- clan, guild, ally, team or tribe all you need to do is ask when you are in that game. There is no need to fill out the -={U.S.P}=- Full Membership Application.


The “-={U.S.P}=- Full Membership Application” is only for players that wish to become Full Members of our group.