Outlaws of the Old West Server Rules

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“Common Sense Server Rules”

Rules Date: 01-15-2020

Note:   These rules are subject to change depending on how the game Developers “Virtual Basement LLC” add or remove features to the game and by how issues arise on the game server. So check them often by “Date” for any updated changes. If you feel that you will have a hard time following these rules or do not agree with any of them, PLEASE save your time and effort and find another server that better suits your needs.


This is a “PVE” (Player VS Environment) server


A “PVP” (Player VS Player) server!


Courtesy And Game Play

1. Racism of any kind will not be tolerated. (Everyone is welcome on our server). Do not use any offensive name for your character. Treat all players with Respect.

2. Do Not disrupt game play by Hacking, Arguing, Complaining, Trolling, Spamming, Advertising, Promoting or in general “Annoying other players”. Do Not discuss Religion or Politics. This only leads to conflict. Bad, Rude, Toxic or Malicious attitudes will not be tolerated!


Simple Server Rules

1. Racism, Arguing, Complaining, or Bad Attitudes “vocal or in text chat” will not be tolerated.

2. When building a homestead, town or placing down train tracks or any other prefab builds, be courteous and neighborly and ask the player that was in that area FIRST if it is ok before you build near them. Some players like their privacy and the view of the land around them and prefer that land to stay untouched and undisturbed.

3. Building train stations and placing down tracks is fine as long as you do it within YOUR own town “ That is if you decide to build a town ”. Building train stations and spamming tracks across the map going all over the place or from town to town is NOT allowed. If stations or tracks like these are found they will be removed!

4. Please Do Not build over any rivers or lakes “blocking them” please build beside them. For rivers, Do Not go past the shore line. For lakes, you may build 4 (Four) blocks into the water. Keep in mind that if any part of the build is more than 4 blocks into the water, the entire build will be removed!

5. Short low profile bridges are allowed for crossing rivers “only” and must have openings below to allow water to pass and flow. Short train tracks sections across rivers are fine as long as they are within YOUR town area. Long bridges or train tracks across lakes are not allowed.

6. All player builds are limited to 6 (Six) floors/blocks high max. (There were no castles or skyscrapers in this era)!

7. Please limit all crafting stations furnaces and grinders to 2 (Two) Max per homestead location to prevent location and server lag for all players. If more than 2 are found “All” will be removed!

8. If moving to another area PLEASE demolish your old build if you will no longer use it. This helps in keeping the map clean and also with server performance!

9. If you are in a Guild, where you can access other guild member’s property or supplies Do Not enter their property or use any of their supplies without their permission and consent first! Violating this rule will get you kicked from that guild or banned.



So to keep our server fun and friendly, be neighborly and helpful to other players and follow these simple “Common Sense Server Rules”. Again, If you feel that you will have a hard time following these rules or do not agree with any of them, PLEASE save your time and effort and find another server that better suits your needs.


These rules will be enforced for everyone playing on this server. Owner, Admins and all Players. No deviations or exceptions will be allowed.


Again, We are here to Have Fun! Be Respectful to ALL players and enjoy our -={U.S.P}=- Outlaws  Server!

Thank You!

-={U.S.P}=- Doctros…


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