Games Servers

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-={U.S.P}=- rents a full dedicated server from NFO Servers also known as Nuclear Fallout Servers located in Chicago Illinois. Each specific game server is defined by the IP address. Check below for information on the current game servers we are running along with their IP addresses for direct connect.

Some of the types of games we now hosts are: Multiplayer, Open World, CoOp, PVE, PVP, FPS, Survival, Crafting, Building, GunGame, DeathMatch and Team DeathMatch.

Conan Exiles

You can find our “Conan Exiles” server rules here!

-=[U.S.P]=- Conan Exiles Awesome Server!
Located At IP Address On “STEAM”

Our “Conan Exiles” Discord: ~ https://discord.gg/zh8tBud

7 Days To Die

You can find our “7 Days To Die” server rules here!

-=[U.S.P]=- PVE ~ Server!
IP Address On “STEAM”

Our “7 Days To Die” Discord: ~ https://discord.gg/v5GV63r


You can find our “Homefront” server rules here!

-={U.S.P}=- Homefront USA Server!
*** All Game DLC Is Needed To Enter Server ***
IP Address On “STEAM”

Our “Homefront” Discord: ~ https://discord.gg/v5GV63r