Our Conduct Rules

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Anyone violating any of the rules below WILL be permanently BANNED from all of our servers. Even if you are an Admin, Full Member, Group Member, Relative, Friend or Acquaintance, No Warnings, No Excuses. ” I did not know that “ will never be an excuse for not following the rules or breaking them! So it is  very IMPORTANT that you read the rules below! 


 1. Joining our United Skilled Players Steam group, Discord channels, or any In-Game Clan, Guild or Group does not make you a tagged up ” Full Member ” of  -={U.S.P}=-.

2. Only official Full Members of the group may wear the ” -={U.S.P}=- ” tag. Doing this without approval constitutes a BAN from all of our servers.

3. Only official Full Members of the group can get game perks (Where Applicable).

4. You MUST add our tag to the start of your name to your Steam Profile name when you become a tagged up ” Full Member ” of  -={U.S.P}=-! Not wearing it or removing our tag means that you have chosen to do this therefore giving up your membership and affiliation with our group.

5. No one may use any -={U.S.P}=- information, materials, wording, audio, video, graphics, logos or create any type of advertising, websites, links, groups or any internet or social media related sites representing “United Skilled Players” unless there is prior verbal then documented and written approval from the owner of -={U.S.P}=-.

6. Bigotry of Race, Nationality, Gender, Sexual Preference, Political or Religious Preference will not be tolerated. *** Everyone is Welcome here! ***

7. Do not discuss Race, Nationality, Gender, Sexual Preference, Political or Religious Preference  (This only leads to stereotyping, disagreements and conflict).

8. Always follow the game rules pertaining to any of our game servers you are entering.

9. Do not cause any type of conflict between anyone on our servers or Discord channels.

10. Do not troll, spam, advertise, promote or try to sell anything on our servers or our Discord channels.

11. Do not recruit anyone away from our group, servers, games or Discord.

12. No arguing, fighting, swearing, complaining, toxic or malicious attitudes (vocally, text or chat).

13. No complaining about the servers, server setup, mods, plugins or games (If you don’t like the game, settings or modifications go play elsewhere).

14. Get a microphone! (voice communication in-game or Discord is a MUST!).

15. Do not misuse the microphone for playing music or any kind of mic spamming. (Take turns speaking).

16. When using a name on our servers, Don’t use offensive or racist names!

17. In Coop (Cooperative) games, play as a team to complete team tasks. Don’t be a solo hero or kill/frag whore. This just gets you killed quicker and dead you are of no use to your team.

18. In activated Friendly Fire games, No Team Killing (Accidents happen, too many will get you kicked or banned).

19. In PVP (Player vs. Player) or TVT (Team vs. Team) games, Don’t get upset if someone kills you because they are better shooters or players than you. (Don’t get mad, Get Better, Get Even)!

20. Do not complain about other players taking your kills/frags. In battle, the enemy is fair game. (The player that sees the enemy and shoots first gets the kill)!

21. Do not complain about campers. Camping is always allowed (it is part of battle).

22. Camping is NOT allowed near or at spawn sites or areas (no spawn kills)!

23. In Building games, Be courteous and ask before you build around another players build or property. Don’t help anyone build on their build unless you are asked by them to help. Helping them without asking only leads to frustration, wasted time, materials, their vision and ideas. Instead concentrate on your own build and ideas.

24. In Clan based games, where you can access a clan member’s property or supplies Do Not enter their property or use any of their supplies without their permission and consent. Violating this will get you kicked from the game clan.

25. If you are a Full Member of -={U.S.P}=- remember that you MUST set the example by following ALL the rules because you now represent our group! If you push the boundaries too often in any way or violate any set rules, You will be kicked from being a -={U.S.P}=- Full Member and will be permanently banned from all of our servers.

26. Most Importantly, Be Positive, Treat Everyone with Respect and have FUN! After all, these are just games for fun, friendship and entertainment!


Thank You, The Doctros…