Subsistence Server Rules

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“Common Sense Server Rules”

Rules Date: 11-30-2020

Note:   These rules are subject to change depending on how the game Developer “ColdGames” add or remove features to the game and by how issues arise on the game server. So check them often by “Date” for any updated changes. If you feel that you will have a hard time following these rules or do not agree with any of them, PLEASE save your time and effort and find another server that better suits your needs.


This is a “PVE” (Player VS Environment) server


A “PVP” (Player VS Player) server!


Courtesy And Game Play

1. Racism Of Any Kind Will Not Be Tolerated. (Everyone Is Welcome In Our Server). Do Not Use Any Offensive Name For Your Character. Treat All Players With Respect.

2. Do Not Disrupt Game Play By Hacking, Arguing, Complaining, Trolling, Spamming, Advertising, Promoting Or In General “Annoying other players”. Also, Do Not Discuss Religion Or Politics. This Only Leads To conflict. Bad, Rude, Toxic or Malicious Attitudes Will Not Be Tolerated!

3. Any Internet Ping Over “250” Will Be Banned To Preserve Our Servers Performance. Please Find A Server Closer To Your Area.

4. Frequent Violations Of Any Of Our Server Rules Will Result In A Ban From All Of Our Game Servers. This Is To Ensure That Our Server Rules Are Read, Followed And Taken Seriously!


Simple Server Rules

1. This Is A “PVE” Server Not A “PVP” Server. Be Friendly And Help Each Other Out! We are all here to survive!

2. Please Do Not Build “Gravity Defying” Builds. Also Known As “Sky Builds”. These Do Not Look Natural And Makes Any Build Look Like A Hack. If Found They Will Be Entirely Removed.

3. Please Do Not Build Any Closer Than Forty “40” Sprint/Run Steps From Any Other Player’s Build. If You Know This Other Player And You “Both” Agree To Build Closer To Each Other, Then You May Build Closer To Them. However, If Any Player Complains That You Built Too Close To Them  (Less Than Forty “40” As Stated Above)  A Server Admin Will Check This And Remove Your Entire Build If Found To Be In Violation Of This Rule.

4. To Keep Our World Map Looking As Nice And Natural As Possible  “And To Prevent Frequent Map Wipes”  Please Take The Time To Finish Your Build And Build Nicely. Start Off Small, You Can Always Expand It As Time Goes On.

5. Building Or Placing Any Items In The “Under Water Caves” Is Prohibited. Anything Placed There Will Be Removed When Found. Repeated Violations Of This Rule Will Result In A Server Ban.

6. If Building An Elevated Walkway, Catwalk Or Bridge To Connect Two Sections Of Any Build, Please Do Not Exceed More Than Ten “10” Building Blocks/Foundations/Ceiling Tiles In Length. Anything Over “10” Will Be Removed.

7. Any Finished Or Unfinished Builds That Have Been Observed With No Activity In Fourteen “14” Days Will Be Removed.

8. “Eye Sore” Or (“WTF” Is That?) Builds Will Be Removed When Found. And Please… Don’t Ask About This Rule, You Know Exactly What We Mean. This Is Not A Experimental Build Server. If You Want To Experiment With Building Do It In Solo Mode On Your PC.

9. Please Do Not Block Or Enclose Large Sections Of Land Or Travel Paths With Anything. You Can Enclose Around Your Immediate Base/Home/Build For Safety. However, If The Enclosure Is More Than Four “4” Building Blocks Away From Any Part Of Your Build, The Whole Enclosure Will Be Removed.

10. Building On Rocks/Islands In “BIG” Lakes Like,  “East Lake” & “West Lake” Is Fine. However, Do Not Build In/On Ponds Or Rivers. Build On The Shore Line Beside Them “Not” In The Water.

11. Please Do Not Block Off Rivers, Ponds, Or Lakes. For “WaterFalls”, Do Not Block Them, Enclose Them Or Build Over Them Or Directly Below Them. Build On The Shore Line Beside Them “Not” In The Water.

12. Any Bridges Across/Over Water In “Any” Rivers, Ponds, Or Large Lakes For Crossing These Bodies Of Water Is Prohibited And Will Be Removed When Found.

13. Do Not Steal Any Players Vegetables Or Harvests. Any Player Found Doing This Will Be Banned From All Of Our Servers.

14. Do Not Agro Any Animals Or Hunters Then Run To Other Players Builds To Take Cover. This Will Only Result In The Other Players Build Taking Damage And That Is Not A Nice Thing To Do And Very Un-Neighborly!

15. Respect EVERYONE And Be Neighborly. We Are All Here To Build, Survive, Coexist And To Have Fun!


Note:   At The Bottom Of This Page I Have Included A “Server Map” For Your Convenience.



So to keep our server fun and friendly, be neighborly and helpful to other players and follow these simple “Common Sense Server Rules”. Again, If you feel that you will have a hard time following these rules or do not agree with any of them, PLEASE save your time and effort and find another server that better suits your needs.


These rules will be enforced for everyone playing on this server. Owner, Admins and all Players. No deviations or exceptions will be allowed.


Again, We are here to Have Fun! Be Respectful to ALL players and enjoy our -=[U.S.P]=- Subsistence PVE Server!

Thank You!

-={U.S.P}=- Doctros…


-=[U.S.P]=- Subsistence PVE Server!
*** World Set To Easy Yet Challenging – Friendly Community! ***
Located At IP Address On “STEAM”

Our “Subsistence” Discord: ~ https://discord.gg/zqZXgdH2jD


-={U.S.P}=- Subsistence Server Map Reference

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