The -={U.S.P}=- Philosophy

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-={U.S.P}=- “United Skilled Players” is not a Gaming Clan.

Instead, we are a Group. A group of friends that have built great friendships throughout the years while playing many games on Steam, Uplay and others. Some of us have been playing together for over 10 years. Our members range from the age of 17 to above 70 with the average age being 30 to 50. These generation gaps give us all plenty to talk about and reminisce while learning, and kidding around with sensible good humor.

In my opinion Clans seem to take the fun out of gaming by having unreasonable strict rules. Expecting you to only play on their servers, Mandatory playtime sessions and demanding financial support and giving perks to players that donate. Here we are all on an equal playing field, free to play when and where we like, this includes the Owner,  the Admins, Full Members and onward to any players that enter any of our servers for the first time.

Instead, we have simple common sense rules that we expect everyone to follow found on the “Our Conduct Rules” page.

-={U.S.P}=- was started with the Idea of providing great lag free gaming servers where everyone is welcome and can make friends have fun and enjoy a great gaming experience. Even though some of the games we have on our servers are combat/battle games we expect everyone in our servers to “Respect Everyone” and play fair and with their true gaming skills. So whether you are a noob or hard core player it’s all about civility, respect, entertainment and having fun!

This is why I chose the name “United Skilled Players”

United = We are a group that Plays Together, Sticks Together, and we have each other’s back!

Skilled = We play with our true gaming skills, Whatever our skill level is, We play Fair. We do not Cheat, Exploit or Hack!

Players = We all enjoy playing any type of PC Gaming, Socializing, Making New Friends while providing a Fun and Friendly atmosphere!

Below, is a description of what our -={U.S.P}=- Group Shield represents and stands for.

Throughout history, The number 3 has been an important and meaningful number.

Life:   ( 1+1=3 ) You need 2 to create a 3rd.

Science:   Our genetics consists of 3 parts. DNA, RNA and Proteins. Without them Life could not exist.

Religion:   All of the worlds Religious writings are filled with references to the number 3.

Our reality:   We live and interact with our world in a 3rd dimension and so on…

More information on the mystical number “3” can be found “HERE”

This is why I like the number “3”. This is also why when creating our Group Shield, I incorporated the number 3 in its design.

* The Color Blue, 3 major shades were used.

* On the Shield, Only 3 points a visible pointing upward.

* 3 Words URL Unity-Respect-Loyalty.

* The Pyramid (Triangle).

* The Eye within the Triangle has 3 rays, This represent that we are all vigilant and watch out for each other and our Group Members.

* U.S.P 3 letters

* United Skilled Players 3 words.

* 3 Weapons (In gaming combat, these are the most common. Ak47 – M16 – Knife).

* 3 Sections to the bottom ribbon.

* The Majestic Lion, because astrologically I’m a “Leo” and I thought it looked cool. But it also represents that we are the kings of our jungle, 1-Brave, 2-Fierce and 3-Proud to be a part of  -={U.S.P}=-  United Skilled Players!